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By creating a username and password you can be seen as anyone. Non-members will not be allowed to enter our chat room. Dotty will moderate posts as seen fit. If a post is removed, a reason will be given. Nothing on this site will ever be copied or discussed outside this cycle.

Kindly note: Anybody younger than twelve years old or older than twenty one years old, will be blocked, immediately, without notice.


No bullying will ever be allowed. If any bullying occurs you will immediately be blocked on this site. If you do comment try to be empathetic we all go through our ups and downs in different ways. Herewith I indemnify Sole Shack from any personal harm, emotional trauma, or any other related circumstances leading from this site. I, Dotty, am by no means qualified as a psychologist or psychiatrist, but can relate to each individual out of my own experience.

If you do want to share something like cutting or any self-harm, kindly state clearly at the beginning of your post that it contains triggers. This is just a safety net for people going through something similar, to be able to decide if they want to read it or not, as it might trigger them.

Always try to be honest but kind in all comments to others, remember you are speaking to a real person that needs our input, but not our judgment.

Kindly remember this is an international site so no negative comments regarding race, sex, or religion will be tolerated.

Lastly, remember this is our site; always treat others like you would like to be treated, with respect.